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National Recovery Plan forMalleefowl Leipoa ocellata

The primary objectives of this plan are to secure existing populations across thespecies’ range and achieve de-listing of Malleefowl under the EPBC Act within20 years.

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National Malleefowl Monitoring Manual

This revised edition (v2020_1) of the National Malleefowl Monitoring Manual has been adapted largely from the 2008 edition with the inclusion of the recent changes in technology and the introduction and operation of the National Malleefowl MonitoringDatabase (NMMD).

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Around the Mounds Newsletters

The National Malleefowl Recovery Team produces used to produce a PDF and paper newsletter every Autumn and Spring with all the latest information on events and latest findings called ‘Around The Mounds’

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Malleefowl links

National Malleefowl Recovery Team
The main purpose of the National Malleefowl Recovery Team is carrying out the National Recovery Plan to help save the endangered Malleefowl in all regions of Australia.
Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group
The Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group is dedicated to the preservation of this magnificent and endangered bird.
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
The malleefowl is a threatened species under State and Commonwealth legislation. In Western Australia the species is listed as Vulnerable fauna under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.